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Pasadena Star News Article
December 29, 2007


Often heard are the New Year's resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking, but there's another group of goals managers and leaders should vow to keep, according to two leadership experts.

Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden, authors of the book "Contented Cows MOOve Faster," say that goals dealing specifically with what Hadden refers to as "people practices" would be beneficial to those at the head of a company.

"It's a natural time for managers to reassess and reflect on leadership style and how their leadership style effects financial and productivity aspects of their corporations," Hadden said.

Organizational Effectiveness Group President Diana Peterson-More said that being considerate toward employees is an area all leaders should focus on.

"It's extremely important for leaders to be empathic and to show that they care about employees," Peterson-More said.

Resolving to do things like being quicker to celebrate in the office aren't "just about being nice," and will have a positive effect on a company's finances, Hadden said, citing his and Catlette's research.

"It does make a difference to the bottom line," Hadden said.

Hadden and Catlette offer the following resolutions for leaders this year:

Be more authentic. People don't expect their leaders to always be right, but there is a valid expectation that they be real, approachable and capable of uttering the words, "I don't know," or "My mistake."

Hadden said this quality is missing from many workplaces.

"It's something that requires a conscious effort, and unless you become deliberate and intentional the improvement is not going to happen," Hadden said.

Be quicker to celebrate. Next time you watch a sport, pay attention to the time it takes for two players to engage in celebration. Usually, it's not long. Now, how long has it been since that excitement occurred in your workplace? Resolve to make it a more frequent and spontaneous occurrence to reduce tension and enable people to perform at their peak.

Care more than others think is wise. If we expect others to follow, they've got to know management places their interests on par with their own. Listen, never allow anyone to abuse a teammate, tell the truth and show up when someone is having a tough time.

Risk more than others think is safe. Being a leader involves making big bets on people, ideas, beliefs and decisions. People prefer to follow someone who has the courage of their convictions.

Dream more than others think is practical. While not all managers are going to be responsible for a world-changing movement, if you're to be worthy as leaders, and expect others to follow, then believe you can make a difference.

Be quicker to act with non-performers and people who just don't fit. Managers usually wait too long to deal with situations where someone has been miscast in their job. Resolve to do the right thing for the benefit of the organization and the individual.

Expect more than others think is possible. In a nutshell, people get what they expect to get. If your glass is half empty, and you think people are lazy or stupid, that is the reality you'll create for yourself. If you expect great things from yourself and the folks on your team, you're halfway there.

Peterson-More said that in addition to these "people practices" goals, leaders should hone in on success and envision what successful outcomes will look like.

In addition, she encourages leaders to ask themselves, "What have I learned today?" and, "What will I be doing different based on what I learned?"

Catlette and Hadden founded Contented Cow Partners, LLC, to help business and organization leaders produce better results through a focused, fired-up and capably-led work force.

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