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Human Resources is a multi-faceted discipline, requiring a top-notch practitioner to have been in the field for many years. Vital skill sets range widely and include all of the following:

  • Highly technical skills (retirement, benefits, compensation, healthcare)
  • Legal and Compliance knowledge, personnel and employee relations, union bargaining and contract interpretation, Title VII and other discrimination matters, wage and hour laws, and the ever-evolving workplace case law

  • Day-to-day operations personnel handbooks, new employee orientation, job descriptions, just-in-time coaching, and corrective action/discipline

  • Strategic leadership development performance management, succession planning, training and development, and coaching/mentoring

Meeting Your Needs
Some organizations are unable to retain an individual or department to meet their basic needs, while others are able to find many of the skill sets needed in the contemporary workplace, lacking only a few.

This is where "HRO on the Go" can assist an organization.

Initiated in response to client request, HRO on the Go provides a full-service, retainer-based and outsourced human resources department.  HRO's founder and principal, Diana Peterson-More, and several other able affiliates, provide the full range of service on a weekly, multi-weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

"Working with Diana is always a pleasure!  Her expert advice has made
a significant difference
to our company
because she has
learned the needs of
the company and
offers guidance that
fits the goals of the organization.

Lizbeth Valenzuela, CFO and HR Director,
Food Service Company


"THANK YOU!  For helping me so much on such short notice. I am convinced that your re-working of my resume combined with associated language suggestions in my cover letter got my foot in the door at Evergreen State College."

Job applicant, Megan

Service Needs Assessment and Project Development
Some organizations know exactly what services are needed and, after a short meeting, work with HRO to develop a project list, timeline, deliverables and accountabilities.

Other organizations are unsure of how best to utilize HRO and/or what services to introduce to the organization on a tight budget.  This happens frequently in a rapidly growing organization, or one that is experiencing great change. In these instances, HRO will conduct an organizational audit
a service needs assessmentthen develop recommendations.  The audit can take the form of selected interviews, a focus group, and/or a survey or other written instrument.  The end result of the audit is a written report providing alternative recommendations for the organization.

Human Resources Services and Products Delivery
HRO will contract to provide specified services over an agreed-to time frame, or provide practitioners on a weekly, multi-weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to provide whatever services are identified and needed by the organization.  Excellent service and flexibility are the hallmarks of HRO on the Go.  Thus, only practitioners who are at the top of their game in a specified area of expertise are utilized; each is adaptable and empowered to work with the organization to alter activity to meet organizational needs.

Services Provided and Products Used
Services and products are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the organization.  For example (and among many other areas), HRO has developed several best practices Personnel and Employee Relations Handbooks.  However, HRO will also work with an organization to modify and update its handbook.

Further, in the employee benefits arena, HRO's affiliate is a broker, rather than an agent.  Thus he/she can develop an employee benefits program that meets the organization's unique needs rather than an insurance company's sales needs.  Equally, in developing a pay and performance management system, HRO's affiliate practitioners have developed programs ranging from skills- and competency-based pay to incentive compensation plans.

For team building, executive coaching, and other leadership development processes, HRO uses its own 360-degree and social styles assessment products and is also certified to use the Lominger Leadership Architect Suite, Advanced Teamware TeamView and LeaderView/360, Blessing/White's "Envision Your Future," and Target Training International's DISC.

HRO's commitment is to excellence and flexibility; we will develop new materials to assist your organization in achieving its success.



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