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Focus on Strategic Planning and Teambuilding
Renowned business leader Jack Welch turned General Electric (GE) around by listening to the experts--the people who do the work! He went to factories and sought out the opinions of those closest to the work, then implemented the suggestions made. Just as Welch (in this pioneering "work out" method) recognized that the business experts are those closest to the work, a skilled facilitator recognizes that the organizational solutions reside within the group.

The goal of a facilitated session is to bring the collective whole to success, by extracting from the group the issues to be addressed, then the solutions to achieve the results desired.

OEG facilitates all types of retreats--ranging from strategic planning to organizational alignment and leadership to teambuilding. In short, any organizational topic worth exploring lends itself to the facilitation process. This overview focuses on strategic planning and teambuilding.

Assessment and Development
Because all organizations are unique, meaningful facilitation can not be a cookie cutter approach. OEG dedicates time up front to meeting with the key organizational players, either through one-on-one interviews or through a focus group. The chief question for these planning sessions is simple: What does success look like--when you leave the session, it will have been a success if what happens? When key stakeholders answer that question, OEG structures an agenda to achieve the stated aims; agenda development is an iterative process with OEG and the organization working collaboratively to fine tune it.

For strategic planning, the goal is often the development of a comprehensive plan over a specified time frame to achieve a series of goals that support the organization's overall mission, vision and values. In teambuilding, the goal is often to develop internal processes, communication plans and "commitment contracts" about how work will be accomplished within the organization.

"I am getting extremely positive comments about the Retreat.  Thank you so much for facilitating this...You did a spectacular job and have given this Board a tremendous start on our term (which we need...)"

  Anita Zusman, President, National Women's Political Caucus California


The heart of the process is the on- or off-site retreat itself. Lasting from a half day to several days, the retreat is structured to develop key concepts, then to build upon them over the course of the session to reinforce decisions made. The climax of the facilitation, is the individual and collective "commitment contracts" entered into by the individual and the group to do things differently. A critical element is the feedback or reinforcement loop the group agrees to impose upon itself. After all, it's not what you say, it's what you do!

Follow-up, then, is vital to the success of the process. For strategic planning, typically an individual or small group is assigned the task of holding itself and each individual responsible for staying on task--for achieving the goals stated by delivering the products on time. For teambuilding, follow-up often resides with individuals who agree, with their bosses, to conduct themselves and to complete work differently. An effective performance management process can reinforce and reward the commitments agreed to.

Follow-up and Documentation
OEG believes that success resides within the group. OEG provides retreat documentation and will, if retained, develop a follow-up mechanism to ensure the individual and/or team stays on target. However, OEG has observed that the most powerful results come when the group hold itself accountable.

Facilitation Products Used
Because each and every facilitated session is dependent upon the unique features of each organization, OEG utilizes its own products, as well as others found in the marketplace. For strategic planning, OEG often uses its own Benchmarks of an Effective Organization process, which focuses on the importance of the vertically integrated organization.

For teambuilding, OEG uses its own 360-degree and social styles assessment products. OEG is also certified to use the Lominger Leadership Architect Suite, Advanced Teamware TeamView and LeaderView/360, Blessing/White's "Envision Your Future," and Target Training International's DISC.

OEG's facilitation hallmark is flexibility and will develop new materials to assist the organization in achieving its success. OEG's flexibility also plays itself out during the facilitated session by reworking the agenda "on the spot" to achieve success. The goal is always to assist the organization in achieving its success.


Board Retreat Facilitations

"Thanks again for your retreat facilitation today.  Your leadership resulted in direction and new energy. You made a difference!  I am more more hopeful about our Board coming together than I have been in the last several years.  Thanks!"

  Fred Loya, Ph.D., Executive Director,
Santa Anita Family Services

"I thought the strategic planning retreat
went very well, created a lot of enthusiasm,
and engaged a number of board members,
especially newer ones. Thank you, Diana,
for making it happen!"

   Gene Jeffers, Board member,
American Red Cross

"I thank you, Diana, for planning and leading us through the process.  I woke Saturday morning with real apprehension about a possible negative outcome, knowing we represented very different opinions about the right path forward.  But, Diana, you led us skillfully to a resolution with unanimous (as far as I could tell) support for a path to a more successful future for CFI..."

   John Whaley, Founder and Board Chair, Community First Initiatives

"Diana, Thank you for an excellent job
yesterday leading the group to some
workable directions...I attend many
retreat/strategic planning sessions
and this was one of the best!"

   Libby Evans Wright, Board Member,
Tournament of Roses Foundation (First
Female President, Tournament of Roses)



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