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Executive Coaching

"Thank you for expressing a neutral approach to the situation; you've been wonderful.  The Social Styles Analysis has definitely helped me become more aware of my weaknesses and what I have to improve on as an individual and team player.  I look forward to working with HR.  I hope everyone has a great weekend."

Jazmin Ramirez, Rogers Poultry Co.


Companies invest in capital, equipment and human potential. Coaching is a vehicle to enhance the human potential investment, through assessment, goal-setting and observable results.

Assessment, Goal-Setting and Monitoring
Coaching takes an employee from where s/he is today to where s/he ought to be. Once the goal is defined, the employee undertakes an assessment process to learn where s/he is in relationship to the goal, then develops an action plan to achieve success. Specific steps include the following:

Coach/Sponsor Meeting - A one-hour meeting is held to get sponsor feedback on the employee, set expectations for the process, and establish goals to be achieved.

Coach/Employee Meeting - An initial two-hour meeting is set to develop confidence and trust, set the ground-rules for the process, learn what the issues are from the employee's point of view, and to establish initial goals/outcomes to be achieved.

360 Degree Feedback Sessions - Several sources of input on employee performance are gathered through one-hour, one-on-one sessions with the employee's peers, superiors, subordinates, and (at times) customers using an assessment instrument as the basis of the dialogue. The employee's initial goals are validated or revised through this process.

Coach/Employee Meeting - A second two- to three-hour meeting will be held to deliver the feedback, elicit reaction, then work on goal setting and developing a specific action plan to respond directly to the feedback. (At times, this becomes a two meeting process if the participant needs to digest the material before developing goals.) Depending upon the feedback and goals, the plan could: include a series of one-on-one sessions to develop specific methods to tackle specific issues, require the coach to "shadow" the employee to give him/her immediate feedback on activities, and lead to team-building or other group sessions.

Achieving Desired Goals/Outcomes - A specific action plan, with milestones and goals, will be developed by the coach and employee and sanctioned by the sponsor. The employee presents the plan to the sponsor in a one-hour meeting. The coach will attend at the option of the employee.  The coach and employee will work through the plan, with the coach monitoring the action plan to ensure it is followed.

Time Frame
Often-times behaviors have developed over years; thus, overnight success is unlikely.  An initial 90-day period with an average of one coaching session per week will give the organization a sense of whether success can be achieved.  Any team building, communication skills building, or leadership training will be conducted separately.

The direct coaching can be renewable quarterly.

Assessment Products Used
OEG is certified to use a variety of assessment instruments and readily becomes certified to use new tools when requested by clients.  In addition to its own 360-degree and social styles products, OEG is also certified to use the Lominger Leadership Architect Suite, The Advanced Teamware TeamView and LeaderView/360, and Blessing/White's Envision Your Future. OEG is also a certified by Target Training International to use the DISC for leaders, for teams, to enhance customer service, and to integrate values and interests into the workplace.




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